Ruff Tuff Seat Covers for Kubota

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Ruff Tuff Seat Covers for Kubota UTVs

Ruff Tuff seat covers are custom made to order and are non-returnable.

About the manufacturer:

Since 1976 Ruff Tuff has taken pride in every custom seat cover they manufacture. Their custom seat covers are produced from start to finish in the United States using only the finest, most durable and aesthetically appealing fabrics in the industry.

Their pattern experts are constantly creating new seat cover patterns as new-year models are released.

The quality and durability of the materials they use are the best in the industry. A combination of outstanding customer service, high quality materials, and an all around sense of pride in their products is what makes their custom seat covers satisfy customers. These standards follow the same standards we believe in at UTV Headquarters. 

Each custom seat cover they produce at Ruff Tuff Products must live up to these high standards developed over the past thirty plus years of being in business. If you are looking for quality that surpasses all of the competition then Ruff Tuff is your seat cover.  

DuraEZCare Custom fit, American made, high quality poly-nylon blend seat covers protect your vehicle's interior while providing you with easy to care for comfort and beauty.

Outdoor Camo seat covers provide the rugged outdoorsman with the high-resistance protection they demand and the quality craftsmanship that guarantees a perfect fit.

Carbon Fiber is a vinyl with a look and pattern widely known and recognized as Carbon Fiber, a composite known for it's light weight and strength.

Sof-Touch: You can enjoy the luxurious comfort and visual appeal of leather at a fraction of the cost with Ruff Tuff Products' Sof-Touch simulated leather seat covers.

Tactical Camo, complete seat, both insert and trim: Tactical Camo seat covers by Ruff Tuff Products provide an extreme outdoor’s look with the durability, protection, and the perfect fit demanded by individuals who lead rugged lifestyles.

Note: Ruff Tuff Seat Covers are custom made per order for you. With being a custom made item, we do not accept returns. 

Get a better look at the awesome quality fabrics by simply clicking the thumbnail images below.


Choose the Trim Fabric/Color Options

Choose the Insert Fabric/Color Option

If one color is desired, choose the same color for both options.

Vehicle headrest cover included

Note: All Crew vehicles have an additional $160 charge for rear seats

Introducing the Pistol Pocket!

Now available with Ruff Tuff UTV Seat Covers. Add 1 or 2 pistol pockets to your seat covers. Designed to fit a pistol and two magazines. Conveniently located on the front of seat between your legs. This design works perfectly for right or left handed users.  

Velcro is firmly stitched at the top, making the pocket a detachable case to take along. Softly padded inside to protect the pistol from wear damage.

$39.97 for one or Save $10 & pay $69.95 for Two!

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